How to make Italian pizza – topic

طريقة عمل بيتزا إيطالية
طريقة عمل بيتزا إيطالية


Pizza is one of the types of food that originated in countries located in the eastern Mediterranean, such as Greece and Turkey. The work of pizza from these countries to Italy, through Italian soldiers, but they put their mark on it by adding tomato sauce and cheese.

It should be noted here that pizza is one of the main courses; Because it contains dough, vegetables, and sometimes meat, and in this article we are going to learn how to make an Italian pizza with pepperoni, and the sauce for this pizza.

Italian pepperoni pizza


  • Dough Ingredients:
  • A cup and a half of flour.
  • 1 teaspoon of instant yeast.
  • Three quarters of a glass of water.
  • Two teaspoons of olive oil.
  • Pizza ingredients:
  • Half a cup of tomato sauce.
  • A cup and a half of grated mozzarella cheese.
  • A quarter cup of pepperoni.

how to prepare

  • Dissolve yeast in lukewarm water and set mixture aside until bubbles form.
  • Put the flour in a large bowl, and make a hole in the middle of the dough, in order to add the oil and the yeast.
  • Knead the ingredients well with your hands, until you obtain a soft and cohesive dough.
  • Put the dough in a bowl greased with butter and set aside; So you can rest well.
  • Roll out the dough in the shape of a medium-sized circle, in the baking sheet.
  • Spread the tomato sauce over the dough, then add the grated cheese and pepperoni.
  • Bake the pizza in the oven for a quarter of an hour.
  • Remove the tray from the oven, and serve the pizza hot, alongside a plate of sautéed potatoes and olives.

Italian pizza sauce


  • Six large tomatoes, peeled and mashed.
  • A tablespoon of corn vegetable oil.
  • A teaspoon of crushed garlic or garlic powder.
  • Half a cup of finely chopped onion.
  • Half a teaspoon of oregano or dried green thyme.
  • Two tablespoons of red pepper.
  • Salt, to taste.
  • Half a teaspoon of sugar.

how to prepare

  • Put the oil in a frying pan on the fire, at medium temperature, and leave it until it heats up, then add the crushed garlic and the chopped onions to it.
  • Add the tomato puree, after the garlic and onions are well wilted.
  • Flavor the mixture with oregano or dry thyme, as well as ketchup, red pepper and salt.
  • Mix the ingredients well so that they are homogeneous and boil for three minutes.
  • Add the sugar to the mixture, stir well, then remove the bowl from the heat and set it aside until it cools completely.

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