How to make super supreme pizza

طريقة عمل البيتزا سوبر سوبريم
طريقة عمل البيتزا سوبر سوبريم

Super Supreme Pizza

Pizza is one of the delicious Italian dishes, the most famous of which is Super Supreme, and this type of pizza is loved by everyone because it contains many delicious ingredients.

How to make dough


  • 7 cups of flour.
  • Cuban water.
  • A cup of olive oil.
  • A cup of milk.
  • Two eggs.
  • A big spoonful of salt.
  • A large spoonful of yeast.
  • Small spoonful of baking powder.
  • carbonation.
  • sugar.

how to prepare

  • Put the baking powder and the salt with the flour and mix well, then in the center of the flour put the cup of oil, the cup of milk and the two eggs and mix well.
  • Prepare the yeast by mixing half a teaspoon of sugar, a pinch of carbon and half a cup of warm water.
  • Put the yeast on the flour and knead, then gradually add two cups of water.
  • Leave to ferment for an hour and a half.

Super Supreme Pizza Sauce


  • Three fresh, ripe tomatoes, sliced ​​and peeled.
  • Two tablespoons of tomato paste.
  • Two spoons of ketchup.
  • A finely chopped onion.
  • Pinch of dried garlic.
  • Salt, to taste).
  • pepper to taste).
  • Half a spoonful of paprika.
  • Sliced ​​black olives.
  • Mozzarella cheese.
  • Sliced ​​onion.
  • minced meat.
  • phalanx.
  • Sweet pepper, sliced.
  • Sliced ​​tomato.

how to prepare

  • Put a little oil on low heat, then put the minced meat until it browns a little, then put some pepper and salt.
  • In another pan, put a little oil, put finely chopped onions and finely chopped tomatoes, put ketchup and tomato paste and leave for 15 minutes, then remove from heat and mix with a blender until it becomes a creamy consistency and let cool.
  • We sprinkle a little oil and flour on the tray, then we spread the dough on the tray and put the tomato sauce, meat, salami, pepper, onions, tomatoes and on top we sprinkle mozzarella .
  • We heat the oven for 20 minutes and put the pizza in the oven for 30 minutes – 45 minutes until cooked.

Tips for successful pizza

  • Any water or liquid added to the batter should be warm, not hot or boiling, and should be at room temperature.
  • When you leave the dough to ferment, it must be in a warm place away from the draft.
  • If there is no warm place to ferment the dough, it is placed in the oven and boiling water is placed next to prepare it for heat.
  • Do not over-knead the dough after it has fermented.
  • You must preheat the oven for 20 minutes at high temperature before inserting the dough.
  • Do not use too much yeast, but let it ferment slowly.
  • When you put the sauce on the dough, it must be cold and not hot, because if it is hot it can cause bubbles in the dough.
  • After preparing the pizza dough, its surface is greased with olive oil before the contents are placed on it, which gives it a golden and crispy color instead of being dry like bread.
  • Do not often open the oven after inserting the pizza, but tighten the oven well so that air does not enter the pizza.

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